The hurricane season extends from June 1 to November 30.

Tropical depressions and storms that may develop into hurricanes occur in the North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific oceans. The east and Gulf coasts of the United States (including Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas), Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean are the most threatened areas. Extreme weather events of this kind appear to be becoming more frequent and may pose a growing threat in these regions. If you choose to travel during the hurricane season (June to November), you may be affected by these storms. Our ability to help Irish citizens may be limited (possibly severely) in such circumstances.

If you are in or plan to be in a hurricane region during the hurricane season, you should:

  • Confirm travel arrangements prior to departure and ensure that your travel insurance allows for trip cancellation/interruption in the event of a hurricane.
  • Ensure that detailed information – including the name of the tour operator, flight details, hotel name, location, room number and telephone numbers, cruise ship details and itineraries – is left with family or friends in Ireland.
  • Consider registering with the nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate  
  • Monitor local news broadcasts and weather reports carefully, follow the advice, including departure orders, of local authorities and/or tour operators.
  • Carry details on how to contact the nearest Irish Embassy or Consulate In case of emergency.

Further information on hurricanes and other tropical storms is available on the following U.S. websites:

Federal Emergency Management Agency

National Hurricane Centre


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