Decentralisation of the Development Cooperation Directorate of the Department of Foreign Affairs to Limerick

As part of the Government's plan to decentralise some 10,300 civil and public service posts from Dublin, the Development Cooperation Directorate of the Department of Foreign Affairs (Irish Aid) is relocating to Limerick.

This section of the site provides interested parties with information on the decentralisation programme, on the strategies, objectives and activities of the Development Cooperation Directorate (Irish Aid)and on Limerick City.

The numbers and grades of posts transferring to Limerick are as follows:

General Administrative grades:

Counsellors/Principal Officers 7
First Secretaries/Assistant Principals 19
Higher Executive Officers 14
Third Secretaries 4
Executive Officers 16
Staff Officers 2
Clerical Officers 33
Service Officers 3

Technical, Professional and Departmental grades:
Principal Development Specialists  3
Senior Development Specialists  12
Development Specialists  9
Financial Controller  1

Information about the strategies, objectives and activities of the Development Cooperation Directorate is available here

With a population of over 52,000 in the city, with a further 25,000 living in the suburbs, Limerick is the third largest city in the republic of Ireland. More information on transport,accomodation, education and culture in Limerick is available in the guide below:

Short guide to Limerick (PDF 83kb)

The Central Application Facility gives information about the new locations and jobs. It allows certain public servants to apply for transfer to posts at the same or equivalent level in decentralised locations and to rank preferences for different locations.

You should use the CAF if:

  • some or all of the jobs in your department or organisation are being decentralised and you want to move to the new location; or
  • you would prefer to move to a different location with a different department or organisation.

Information about the application process, and access to the on-line central applications facility is available on the website of the Public Appointments Service (PAS)

On 24 November 2004, the Minister for Finance, having considered recommendations from the Government's Decentralisation Implementation Committee (GDIC), announced the names of the Departments which would be included in the first phase of moves under the decentralisation programme.

General information about the Government's decentralisation programme is available here.

DCD was included in the first phase with a projected timeframe of the first quarter of 2007 for the move. 

The text and Annexes of the most recent DFA Decentralisation Implementation Plan are available through the links below:

DFA Decentralisation Implementation Plan (PDF 140kb)

Annex 1 - Timetable for Action (PDF 746kb)

Annex 2 - Breakdown of posts being transferred to Limerick (PDF 177kb)

Annex 3 - Staffing requirements for Limerick compared with CAF applications (PDF 186kb)

Annex 4 - Department's initial July 2004 training plan for decentralisation (PDF 893kb)