Travel Registration

Irish citizens travelling or living overseas, outside the Common Travel Area, (Ireland/Great Britain) are encouraged to register their contact details with the Department of Foreign Affairs

Registration is voluntary. It is a facility available to all Irish citizens and is intended for use by people travelling on holidays, and also for business travellers and Irish citizens living overseas. While we encourage everyone to register, the facility is particularly useful for people travelling to remote destinations or locations where they may be at risk. The registration system records the dates on which people expect to be abroad, so it is worth registering, even for short trips.

When you register your details with the Department, it means that we can contact you if there is an unforeseen crisis such as a natural disaster or civil unrest or if you have a family emergency while you are overseas. If there is a major crisis abroad, the Department already has a record of your details, so we can contact you at an early stage in a crisis. Your registration will assist us to locate you and, if necessary, provide assistance to you and your family in Ireland.

The information submitted upon registration will be passed to and held by the Irish Embassy or Consulate nearest your destination(s). The only purpose for which this information will be held or used will be to contact you, if necessary and/or requested to do so by your immediate family, in the event of an emergency or in a crisis situation. In order to assist you in the best possible way, the Embassy/Department of Foreign Affairs may also pass your details to third parties with whom we may cooperate during a Crisis.

For people resident overseas, registration means that the closest Irish Embassy or Consulate to where you reside is aware of your whereabouts and can include you in their Mission contingency planning in the event of a crisis or an emergency situation.

If you are resident or travelling overseas, please be aware of the contact details for your nearest Irish Mission or Consulate. Contact details for Missions and Consulates are available on the Department's website at If you are resident in or travelling to a country where Ireland has no resident Mission, please be aware, that in emergency situations, you can seek consular assistance from any EU Mission in that country.

The Department of Foreign Affairs is a registered data controller under the Data Protection Acts. Any information submitted to the Department through the citizens on-line registration system will be used solely for the purpose of contacting you in exceptional or emergency situations while travelling abroad.  Any other processing or disclosure of the relevant information would not be permitted other than in the exceptional circumstances provided for under the Data Protection Acts. Information on data protection in Ireland can be found here.

Should you extend your stay beyond the departure dates initially provided, please re-register with the Department or contact the nearest Irish Mission to inform them directly. Contact details for Irish Embassies and Consulates.

We strongly recommended that citizens consult our Travel Advice pages prior to travel

Legal disclaimer.

Users of the citizen’s registration facility are deemed to have accepted the following terms of use:

  1. The information provided by users of the facility will be held by the Department of Foreign Affairs for the sole purpose of facilitating contact, where necessary, in an emergency situation.  The personal data provided will be processed only in accordance with the Data Protection Acts 1988-2003.
  2. The Embassy/Department of Foreign Affairs may pass on my address, phone number and E-mail to third parties in connection with any emergency that may arise in the country during the course of my visit where this is necessary to protect my safety.
  3. 3.Registration shall not be taken as a representation or warranty that a user of the facility will be contacted by the Department of Foreign Affairs.  The Department of Foreign Affairs shall determine whether any particular situation constitutes an emergency situation and whether, in all the circumstances, it is necessary to make contact with a user of the facility.
  4. 4.Users of the facility retain responsibility for their travel arrangements and personal safety.  Neither the Department of Foreign Affairs nor its officials shall be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage suffered by a person who has registered through this facility, whether or not he or she has been contacted by the Department in response to an emergency situation.

Please complete your details on the Travel Registration Form.


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