Making a Visa Application


An on-line Visa Application System, AVATS, is available worldwide and all applications for an Irish visa must be made using the on-line application form. Detailed information on applying for a visa and the on-line application form can be found on the website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS).

On completion of the on-line application form, AVATS will advise you where to submit our application. This may be the Irish Embassy or Consulate in, or accredited to, the country in which you normally reside or direct to INIS, Burgh Quay, Dublin 2.

How long does it take?

Straightforward business visa applications processed under delegated sanction at our Missions abroad should be decided within 10 working days of receipt, provided  that the documentation provided is fully in order. The Department of Foreign Affairs reserves the right to request additional information or documents at any time.

Applications that are usually referred to INIS for decision (eg applications for Study, Visit or Join Family visas) will have a longer decision time, which will vary at different times of the year. In order to ensure you leave sufficient time for the application to be fully processed we advise that you should apply for your visa 6-8 weeks before your planned date of travel. Incomplete applications will result in a delay.

How do I find out about the progress of my application?

Applicants should contact the Embassy or Consulate to which the application was originally submitted, quoting the unique reference number received on application.

Where an application has been made directly to Dublin, you should contact INIS directly

How will I be notified when a decision is made?

If you applied at an Embassy or Consulate, you will be contacted by that office once a decision has been made.

Applicants who have applied directly to INIS in Dublin, or whose application has been referred to INIS for decision can also check the Visa Decision Weekly listing on the  INIS website using their unique reference number.

If my application has been turned down what should I do?

If your application has been refused and you still wish to travel to Ireland, you may either appeal the decision or make a new application.

If you decide to make a new application, your previous immigration history will be taken into account.

If you believe that the decision made was incorrect, you should appeal the decision to the relevant Appeals Officer. For further details about the Appeals process please see the Visa Appeals page of this site.


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