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Ireland and the Irish Abroad – Report of the Task Force on Policy regarding Emigrants 

Report of the Task Force - The International Context (Appendix III) (PDF 33kb)
Report of the Task Force - Extract from Research Study (Annex IV) (PDF 112kb)

Research Study commissioned by the Task Force (PDF 547kb) 

Individual pdfs of map figures B1 to D2 from the study are below in PDF format:

Map B1 (PDF 120kb):
1980 US Census. Numbers born in Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.   

Map B2 (PDF 127kb):
1980 US Census. Numbers claiming Irish ancestry.

Map C1 (PDF 62kb):
1986 Australian Census. Numbers born in Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland.

Map C2 (PDF 60kb):
1986 Australian Census. Numbers claiming single Irish ancestry

Map D1 (PDF 140kb):
1991 Canadian Census. Numbers born in the Republic of Ireland

Map D2 (PDF 144kb):
1991 Canadian Census. Numbers claiming Irish origin

Still Leaving (PDF 621kb):

Recent, vulnerable Irish emigrants to the UK: profile, experiences & pre-departure solutions.  Research commissioned by Emigrant Advice, funded by Department of Foreign Affairs

Value for Money and Policy Review of the Support for Irish Emigrant Groups Programme, July 2007 (see related documents, below)