European Hand Luggage Regulations

From 6 November 2006 only very small quantities of liquids and gels may be brought through passenger screening points at all European Community airports.

Liquids and gels include:

  • pastes
  • lotions
  • liquid/solid mixtures
  • contents of pressurised containers


  • toothpaste
  • hair gel
  • drinks
  • soups
  • syrups
  • perfume
  • make-up
  • lipgloss
  • shaving foam
  • aerosols

Containers for Liquids and Gels

Containers must be no more than 100 millilitres capacity

Containers must be in a transparent re-sealable bag

Bags must be less than 1 litre capacity

Only 1 plastic bag per passenger

Plastic bag must be sealed

Suitable plastic bags are available at the airport for a short period

Medicines, Special Diet Products, Baby Foods - larger quantities:

  • Allowed if essential for use during the trip
  • Passengers may be asked to prove these products are genuine


All liquids must be presented for inspection at the screening point in the sealed bag.

Goods bought after screening:

  • Liquids and gels in normal sizes may be bought after the screening point and on board aircraft
  • They must be in unopened tamper-evident bags with proof of purchase if they are taken through screening at another EU airport on the same day.

Checked-in Baggage
Rules about transporting liquids and gels in checked-in baggage are not changed.


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