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US – Ireland work and travel visas

The Irish and US governments have visa agreements in place that allow their citizens to work and travel in each other’s countries.

Since 2008 Ireland has an agreement with the US Government that enables Irish and US citizens to work and travel in each other's countries for up to 12 months. The agreement reflects not only the close historical and cultural links between Ireland and the United States of America, but also the vibrancy of the modern economic and commercial relationship between our countries.

In order to qualify for the programme participants should be either in post-secondary education or have recently graduated (ie within the last 12 months).

This new programme does not affect the operation of the highly successful Student Work and Travel programme which permits students from the US and Ireland to work and travel for several months every summer. This J1 programme will continue to exist as a separate, more limited programme.

Working Holiday Authorisation

How to apply - US citizens

If you’re a US citizen, you can apply for a US Working Holiday Authorisation at the:

You need to:

  1. Complete and sign your application form
  2. Submit it to the Embassy or one of the Consulates General with the following:

€1,500 (or equivalent) plus a return travel ticket

€3,000 (or equivalent)

Getting your Working Holiday Authorisation

Once the Embassy or Consulate General is satisfied with your application, they will approve it in principle and notify you. Your Working Holiday Authorisation will then be issued when you submit :

How to apply - Irish citizens

The US government has a two-step application process for this scheme.

You need to:

  1. Apply to an authorised sponsoring organisation to be issued with a DS-2019 form
  2. Apply to the US Embassy in Dublin for your visa once your DS-2019 form has been issued

More information

If you’re interested in applying for this programme, contact one of the authorised sponsoring organisations for more information.

Student Work and Travel (J1) programme

The Student Work and Travel (J1) programme allows students from a number of countries including Ireland to work and travel in the US for several months every summer.

Intern Work and Travel programme

This programme allows Irish post-secondary students or recent graduates (within 12 months) to work and travel in the United States for up to twelve months. It is a separate, expanded programme to the J1 programme.

The Boston Irish Immigrant Centre and USIT specifically focus on the schemes for Irish citizens.